Governors & staff

Board of Governors

To contact the Chairman of the Governors, please email [email protected] or telephone the Bursary on +44 (0)15396 20303.

Alternatively the postal address is as follows:
Mr Hugh Blair,
Chairman of the Governors,
Malim Lodge,
Cumbria, LA10 5RY

Prep School Staff List 2019/20

senior leadership team

Sedbergh Prep School - Will Newman - Headmaster

Will Newman


Much of my childhood was spent in Melbourne, where I developed a lifelong passion for all things sporty. I also spent two years as a student in British Columbia, but have now fallen in love with the mountains and dales of the northwest. One day I will manage to learn at least one decent crowd-pleaser on the guitar and keep up with the cool kids on a mountain bike.

Nick Goligher

Nick Goligher

Assistant Head

Assistant Head

Sedbergh Prep School - Rebekah Dallas

Rebekah Dallas

Deputy Head

Deputy Head

Sedbergh Prep School - Nigel Moss Image

Nigel Moss

Senior Master

Senior Master

housemaster & housemistress

Sedbergh Prep School - Phil Hoskin - Housemaster Image

Dr Phil Hoskin

Housemaster Cressbrook House

Former Process Development Chemist (Bayer and AstraZeneca); now working on a much smaller scale (Flow Chemistry, Univ. Cambridge) in parallel with my teaching. Enthusiastic chess and Fives player; I also try to bowl off-spin when the occasion demands it.

Sedbergh Prep School - Diane Airey - Housemistress

Diane Airey

Housemistress Beale and Thornfield House

I was born in Yorkshire and travelled south for university, joining Cambridge to study Natural Sciences and Education. Here I discovered a passion for rowing, spending many hours in an eight, happily ploughing up and down the Cam and competing in the Bumps. Soon after university, I returned to my beloved North. Away from caring for the girls in the boarding houses, I enjoy spending time at my home on the Isle of Skye, pottering around my croft and looking out across the sea.

admissions team

Sedbergh Prep School - Mandy Marshall

Mandy Marshall



Sedbergh Prep School - Admissions Anna Cooper

Anna Cooper

Overseas Admissions

Overseas Admissions